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Gold Flakes Marble Hand Painted Pop Socket

Gold Flakes Marble Hand Painted Pop Socket

$ 30.00

Pop, lock, and don't drop it!

If you’re like me, your small hands cannot keep up with the ever-growing size of today’s smartphones. That’s why this pop socket is pure. genius. Instead of struggling to grip my phone, I just hold it by the pop socket. Problem solved.

Each pop-socket is HAND-PAINTED (protected with a weather-proof sealant) to match our unique phone case designs; ‘cause why would you sacrifice looks for convenience when you can have it all? Like, best of both worlds, baby.

Best Bonus? The pop socket operates as a stand; perfect for traveling and watching movies on your phone.

How Does it Work? There's an adhesive on the bottom and all you do is simply peel and stick! Then you’re ready to use this pretty little thing for gripping, propping, managing pesky headphone/charging cords, and more.

It’s high-time you got a grip... on your phone handling 😜