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Marble Haze Hand Painted Phone Case

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Light Pink + Grey + Black Marble Phone Case

You have all these phone case options out there, why choose ours? Well, let me tell you that our phone cases are hand painted, YES, you read that right, HAND PAINTED in Charlotte, NC by me (Janet!). It’s guaranteed to get you noticed.


  • Case:
    • White Bumper Case- Standard
    • OtterBox Symmetry (Black)- Maximum protection
  •  Protected with a weatherproof sealant topcoat, so don’t worry that paint will not chip no matter how many times you drop or throw it

 Tiny disclaimer, no sweat, just so you know:

They are made to order so please allow 8-10 days before shipment. Quality always comes first, so we will always try to complete these cases in a timely manner. We try our very best to duplicate colors but what we may see on our screen may not be what you see on yours.

     We offer Samsung Cases too. Please contact us for them!

    Made and shipped from Charlotte, North Carolina!