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Gold or Silver Grey Marble Macbook Case

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Show your Macbook® some love with a pretty new case! It’s not all looks, it will also protect your hard earn investment! The marble is such a chic and timeless design; you’ll never go out of style.

 Choose between gold corners or all marble, no logo.

 Your keyboard needs some love too! Each comes with a matching gold silicone cover to lay over top your keyboard to keep out dirt and (if you’re like me) munchies! Let’s keep the munchies out of your keyboard! Or around your keyboard with a matching inner marble skin!

  •  Hard plastic case, comes with the top and bottom
  • Marble vinyl placed on the case is dirt and scratch resistant
  • Gold silicone keyboard cover

Hey, let's personalize your case with a monogram!

 Macbook® is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries.



Let’s make sure you get the right case from the get go and avoid the inconvenience of you going to the post office, mailing off the case, and waiting 2-3 weeks for your new case. Sounds awful right?

 At the bottom of your mac near the battery, there’s an awesome model number that will tell you everything you need to know. It starts with an A, for example A1466.

 Now let’s match up that model number!

 Air 11:        

    • A1370
    • A1465

 Air 13:

    • A1369
    • A1466

 13 pro Non Retina:

    • A1278
    • MD101
    • MD102
    • MD313
    • MD314
    • MC374
    • MC700
    • MC724
    • MB990
    • MB991
13 Retina:
    • A1425
    • A1502
    • MD212
    • MD213

 15 Retina:

    • A1398
    • MC212
    • MC976

 15 Pro NON retina:

  • A1286

Mac 12:

  • A1534

 If you manage to get to the bottom of this page, thank you so much for doing your part!


Janet Gwen's team is so amazing! Not only did this arrive early, but they made sure it fit. I wrote a review on my blog about it. Trust me stop looking for cases and purchase this case. -Emma

This case is awesome, I absolutely love it. I wear gold/neutrals all the time so it so happens to match my wardrobe! I've gotten a lot of complements on it already. It's absolutely FAB and unlike any other case I've seen on the market. Absolutely recommend! -Veronica