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Stickers That Give Back

Stickers That Give Back

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This holiday season, you can make a difference! This inspiration sticker pack is a collaboration with Reina + Co. Every dollar of the proceeds from the sale of these stickers will go toward contributing to the Reina + Co school through Pencils of Promise. (YES! 100% profit will go to Pencil of Promise!) Who will you inspire with these stickers? They're perfect for gifting and including in Christmas stockings!
These inspiration Stickers are made from weatherproof and waterproof material. 
It includes 4 stickers that say:
Laugh More 
  • Fluorescent Pink
  • 2.25 inches tall by 5 inches long 
I am stronger than I feel 
1.75 inches tall by 4.25 inches long 
Make Today Count
  • Silver 
  • 2.5 inches tall by 4.75 inches long 
Trust the journey
  • Gold
  • 1.5 inches tall by 3.75inches long

Place it on: 

• Laptops
• iPads
• Phones
• Car Window
• Car Surface
• Tumblers, Mugs, Plates
• & Etc. Any smooth, non-porous surface

Wherever your heart desires! 

These decals are removable but CANNOT be transferable. All decals come with transfer paper for easy application!