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What the heck is a PopSocket?

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You've probably notice these little suckers all over our instagram, our website, the interweb, IRL etc. The point is, they are everywhere now! 

But you may not know what exactly a PopSocket is and why having one will change your life...seriously not an exaggeration, LIFE CHANGER. Well read on because I'm covering everything PopSocket!

PopSockets attach to the back of your phone case with an adhesive- easy application and just as easy removal. 

Okay, cool now you have this contraption on the back of your phone. What now? 

Lot's of things!

1.  THIS IS A BIG ONE: You can scroll on your phone laying down without your phone surprise attacking your face. 

2.  Phones are getting bigger, and if you have small hands like mine better grip 24/7. Selfie, anyone? 

3. Tired of holding your phone? Set it down, and the popsocket becomes a stand. 

4. Want to put your phone in your back pocket? Pop that sucker down. 



What's the difference between ours and every other PopSocket out there?

Ours are hand painted! YES ---> Individually hand painted by me in my studio in Charlotte, NC. Some of our PopSocket even features real gold leaf. 

But the paint! Won't it chip off? 

Not with our weather proof top coat that makes it glossy. Yes we thought of every thing! 😜


Ready to pop, lock, and don't drop it? Get yours here!


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