find your model

let’s make sure you get the right case from the get go and avoid the inconvenience of you going to the post office, mailing off the case, and waiting 2-3 weeks for your new case. sounds awful right?

at the bottom of your mac near the battery, there’s an awesome model number that will tell you everything you need to know. it starts with an A, for example A1466. 

now let’s match up that model number! PRO TIP: Use Command + F to search on Mac. 

 Air 11:       

 Air 13:

 13 pro Non Retina:

13 Retina:

 15 Retina:

 15 Pro NON retina:

Mac 12:

13 Pro New:

13 Pro New TouchBar:

15 Pro New Touch Bar :

 If you manage to get to the bottom of this page, thank you so much for doing your part!